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Purchase ADC Pro's Combo II S.R. AD76864111 Teal TEA from DiscoScrubs, Discount Uniforms & Scrubs!

ADC Pro's Combo II S.R. AD76864111 Teal Blue TEA


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ADC's most popular professional kit that combines the best selling 768 series pocket aneroid with the 641 Adscope Sprague in a color coordinated premium nylon carry case.Pros Combo II Sprague 768-641 series includes:Combines ADC's Prosphyg 768 with an Adscope Sprague 641 and deluxe carry case. Contemporary black enamel 300mmHg manometer. Adcuff calibrated nylon cuff with proprietary Size Guide marking system prevents mis-cuffing. Chrome-plated deflation valve. Complete aneroid, matching case, and color-matched Sprague stethoscope. Extra large, color-matched, dual pocket carry case, measures 9 x 5 x 2.

Imported. Assembled in the USA.
Pocket Pals/Combos.
100% Cotton.